PRC spy indicted in Taiwan

TAIPEI – A convicted Communist Chinese spy was indicted by Taipei prosecutors Wednesday on another charge of violating national security laws in collusion with members of the Republic of China on Taiwan (ROCOT)’s opposition New Party.

The indictment was handed down after the ROCOT’s Supreme Court upheld a high court ruling March 14 that sentenced Zhou Hongxu to 14 months in prison after he attempted to bribe an employee of the ROCOT’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs into spying for the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Zhou, who graduated from Taiwan’s National Chengchi University in 2016, was indicted for trying to develop an espionage ring in the ROCOT through a news website and an association set up by New Party spokesman Wang Ping-chung and two other members of the party’s youth committee.

The three New Party members were indicted by Taipei prosecutors in June last year for spying for the Communist Chinese government, in violation of the National Security Act.

As for Zhou’s part in the case, the Taipei District Prosecutors Office decided to send his case to the Taiwan High Court to handle the two cases together.

However, the High Court returned the case to the prosecutors office on the grounds that the recruitment of the Taiwanese diplomat was unrelated to the case involving the three New Party members.

Dissatisfied with the High Court decision, the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office then appealed to the Supreme Court.

The appeal was rejected Wednesday and the case was returned to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office, which decided that day to indict Zhou.

The indictment follows the People’s Republic of China’s recent violation of the Republic of China on Taiwan’s ambiguously sovereign territory, stressing Cross-Strait relations.