San Francisco ‘Early Days’ statue that some deemed racist is removed

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

A 19th century statue near San Francisco’s City Hall that some deemed racist and demeaning to indigenous people has been removed Friday and put into storage.

A group of Native Americans chanted, beating drums and burning sage as a crane was operated to take the statue down depicting a Native American at the feet of a Spanish cowboy and a Catholic missionary. This statue was part of a group depicting the founding of the State of California.

Several American organizations and activists for opposing the removal denounced the move stating that history cannot be erased or torn down because of a people group’s offense at being taught Old World values and gaining a sense of more civilized living. Others have denounced the removal speaking about the seemingly-more civilized Spanish reactions to Native Americans, contrasted with the British.

Native American activists throughout the United States have attempted to remove the statue for decades. Efforts were renewed last year after clashes broke out against the U.S. over Confederate monuments.